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Lacrosse Second Highest Concussion Rate

by Audrey Pfau

Lacrosse is one of America’s fastest growing sports, but experts say it has the second highest concussion rate among all sports.

Louisiana State University goalie, Clint Conroy said it took him nearly three weeks to return to practice after his concussion.

“He was running looking for a pass, and I checked him in the upper body and went head to head with him; and it stumbled me up a little bit more than him,” said Conroy.

Conroy’s case was severe, but for most, concussion symptoms don’t appear until later.

“In the hype of the game adrenaline is going,” said Conroy. “Everybody is getting beat up,” he added.

A study released by the American Society of Neurology reveals that helmets do not prevent athletes from concussions.

“The misconception is just because you have a helmet and this new technology it is going to prevent a concussion, because you still have to remember, you can get kneed in the head, your head can hit the turf and there is multiple blows people take,” said LSU Director of Athletic Training, Jack Marucci.

Marucci said headache from a blow, sensitivity to light and blacking out are just a few of the symptoms athletes should be aware of.

“Memory loss is the most significant,” said Marucci.

He advises athletes to talk with their coaches or trainers if they feel anything out of the ordinary. He also suggests when buying a helmet to buy a newer model released in the last three years.


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