Public Affairs

Too many animals, not enough room

By: Samantha Clement

BATON ROUGE- The Baton Rouge animal shelter faces overpopulation of its limited space daily which leads to euthanization of cats and dogs.

East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control Director Hilton Cole says workers pick up around 8,000 animals a year. However, the animal shelter can only hold 300 animals at a time.

“If everyone who adopted a pet, adopted from a shelter, we wouldn’t have an overpopulation problem,” said Companion Animal Alliance Director Beth Brewster.

The animal shelter says with 30 to 75 animals arriving on a single day, it must euthanize cats and dogs to make room for more adoptable ones.

“It’s the hardest part of my job,” said Brewster.

Brewster believes it comes down to “loosing a few to save the many.”

The shelter says it’s doing everything possible to help get the animals out of the shelter. Companion Animal Alliance runs adoption specials, off-site adoption events and is working to obtain grants to help lower income areas where strays are prevalent.

The animal shelter encourages pet owners to microchip animals and get them fixed to help lower the influx of strays. The shelter urges people to consider adopting animals from shelters first.

Three young puppies looking for a new home at the East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Shelter.


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