Public Affairs

Livingston Parish begins to fix bumpy roads

By: Sydney Kern

DENHAM SPRINGS – Livingston Parish Council recently agreed upon a 3.7 million dollar program to start fixing bumpy roads. The decision on which roads to repair will be decided Thursday in the next council meeting.

One road heavily talked about is South Point Boulevard in Denham Springs. It’s filled with potholes, water and gravel, which is why Councilwomen Joan Landry of District 5 has made it her top priority.

“It’s just dangerous dodging pot holes all the time, you can get head collisions, side swiped cars, you go down that road and it’s almost like a third world country,” Landry said.

Homeowner Glenn Wild lives off of South Point Boulevard for 8 years now and recently put his house up for sale. But because of the road conditions, his offers are slim.

“I’ve had some people call when they drive by, and then they come by and I don’t hear from them again because they see what it looks like on the outside.”

The Council hired the engineering company BKI located in Baton Rouge to prepare cost estimates, and hire a construction company to start overlaying the roads.

Vice President at BKI, James DeLaune, said, “The parish council and president are looking to move this process along quickly, so they can get started during the summer months and be finished by the winter months.”

Glenn Wild has lived on South Point Boulevard for eight years and shares his story here!


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