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Balancing Beauty and Brains

R Hair has been a passion for Vanessa Wright her whole life. It is something she adores.
“I tell a lot of people it’s my sanity,” said Wright. “It’s like my drug; I’m addicted and I love it.”
Wright is student at Louisiana State University. During her early college years, she worked as an apprentice in a hair salon.
Her step mom, Reagan Turner, did not like the shop. She says she felt that it was infested and that she had to get Wright away from there.
“I couldn’t leave her in that environment,” said Turner.
Because of this, Turner began looking for a location. When she found the right one, she fixed it up and gave Wright a shop of her own. The shop is called Divine Obsessions Hair Salon.
Wright took the role of managerial stylist. With the new position, she had to learn how juggle being a full-time college student, and running a business. This is a task she admitted has not been the easiest.
“It’s kind of a struggle keeping everything a float because I know I’m a senior,” said Wright. “I’m not giving up hair so I have to find that medium to balance both of them.”
Tuner says Wright is doing an excellent job of balancing the two sides of her life. However, she is prepared to close down the shop if school becomes less of a priority.
“Education is the most important thing,” said Turner. “If that does not happen, this does not happen.”
Wright plans to graduate in 2014 with a degree in sociology. After graduation, she plans to become a traveling stylist.


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