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One-of-a-kind leather work

By: Sam Clement

PINE GROVE- Ethan Lee has a love for leather that not many share.

What started out as a summer job at 14 years old turned into a lifelong career, as Lee is nearly 40.

His workshop is full of hidden treasures.

“I have saddles here, that are literally from the turn of the century, you know with minor repairs that could still be used today,” said Lee. “There’s no limit to how long it will last, that’s just the beauty of leather.”

Lee says many customers get him to create custom saddles so they can pass them down through generations in their family.

Even after 25 years, Lee doesn’t consider himself flawless.

“I don’t really think this is a trade that you ever perfect, but I want things to be as right as they can be,” said Lee.

Lee believes it’s little optional touches he adds to jobs that’s made his business last.


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