An outdoor disabled ministry catching fish and men

Eleven-year-old Braydon Daigle is waiting for a bite, and being outdoors is his favorite thing to do.
He might look like a typical 11-year-old, but he’s had to overcome some obstacles in his life.
Daigle says, “I have arthrogryposis. It’s where I don’t have much muscle in my arms.”
It’s because of people like Daigle; Jason Bland created Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures.
Bland says, “We take disabled and handicap people in the outdoors, minister the word of God to them and try to encourage them.
Bland began this ministry five years ago after crashing his truck.
He says, “…Subsequently I lost my leg due to infection.”
Now his mission in life is to do this one thing.
“It’s a God led, God inspired adventures. Taking people hunting, fishing, crabbing, and sending kids to camp,” Bland says.
From hosting bass tournaments like this one at Cabalas to taking disabled people hunting in Texas, Daigle says he’s happy there’s such thing as Trinity Outdoors.
Daigle says, “Just going on there is a lot of fun, even if you don’t get anything, it’s a lot of fun.”
Bland says he wants to make people feel like they have a purpose in life and have the opportunity to share their gifts. Something Bryan Daigle says he’s thankful his son can be a part of.
Daigle says, “It breaks my heart, you know, they’ve done wonderful things. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people.”
A ministry that not only catches fish, but also fishes for men.


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