LSU intramurals show passion

By: Jennifer Mataya

When Omar Elghetrify transferred to Louisiana State University from Cairo University he was shocked to find that his favorite sport, soccer, was not as popular in the United States as it was at home in Egypt.

“I rarely see people play soccer here and here it’s like football, American football, but is soccer is the big thing back home. It’s the only sport that maybe everybody watches,” said Elghetrify.

The sport he had been so passionate about was not followed to the same degree as Elghetrify was used to seeing. Soccer had instead been replaced with American football, which his American classmates loved as deeply as Elghetrify loved soccer.

Elghetrify was disappointed at first to not have soccer as such a prominent part of his life as he was used to but soon found a way to change that.

“When I first came here I couldn’t easily find a place to play soccer and find people that have the same passion about it,” said Elghetrify about LSU intramurals. “So when I found it I was like wow, finally I found it. I could do what I really like to do.”

The Intramural Sports Program is a division of student life and enrollment at LSU that offers a wide range of sports and leagues for students to participate in. While the requirements for the different leagues vary, there are four for students to choose from: Men’s Gold League, Men’s Purple League, Women’s League and CoRec League. The full list can be found on the university’s recreation website.

It was here that Elghetrify found a group of people as passionate about soccer as he was. The LSU Intramural Sports Program gave him a place to play the sport he loved.

Elghetrify’s willingness to sustain injury while playing shows just how passionate the advertising junior is and only reinforces how passionate he is.

“I broke my leg before while playing…playing soccer…more than once actually, twice so… And it’s like oh I’m okay like it’s…it’s…it’s a game, it’s a sport.”


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